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Biogest building fifth "Gas2Grid" biogas plant in the UK

Austria-headed biogas technology providers Biogest Energie- und Wassertechnik GmbH (Biogest) has announced that it has been selected to build its fifth "Gas2Grid" biogas plant in the UK. In addition, the company is expanding the network of service contracts throughout the country.

Biogest’s PowerRing is a highly efficient, 2-stage biogas plant that is suitable for operation with almost all substrates. Power output ranges from 250 kW to 2 MW and a biomethane production of 80m³/h to 500 m³/h. The design is based on an external main digester and an internal post-digester. The main digester is a ring canal, thereby allowing a controlled plug flow (photo courtesy Biogest).

According to a statement, the new plant will use Biogest PowerRing technology, which has advantages regarding energy efficiency and operational safety as well as the space-saving modular design. Using agricultural waste and energy crops as feedstock, the plant will have an output of 1 400 Nm3 per hour, which corresponds to a thermal output of approximately 7 MW.

After upgrading, the generated biogas will be fed into the gas network as biomethane. A share will be used in a small combined heat and power (CHP) unit to provide energy for a pasteurization unit.

Additional service contract

In the service sector, a new technical and biological support contract is being carried out for an agricultural biogas plant near Manchester now. This Biogest PowerCompact biogas plant has an electrical output of 124 kW and can supply about 370 households with electricity via the grid. The plant is operated exclusively with the existing manure, which is available after the treatment process in the biogas plant as a high-quality ecological fertilizer.

A total of nine PowerCompact biogas plants were installed in the UK, with four of them operating in the OPO (Own Plant Operations) business unit. In this segment, the biogas plants are not only built by Biogest but also run jointly with the agricultural partners and the shares are held over the long term.

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