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BTS Biogas begins construction of bio-LNG plant in Italy

In Italy, international biogas technology developers and providers BTS Biogas Srl has revealed that it has begun construction of new biogas and liquefied biomethane (bio-LNG) production plant near Venice, Italy.

BTS Biogas has begun construction of a new liquefied biomethane (bio-LNG) plant near Venice (photo courtesy BTS Biogas).

According to a statement, excavation and site preparation works have begun at the company Crioenergie led by Gloria Andretta. The project includes a biogas plant and cryogenic biogas to liquefied biomethane (LBM) upgrading facility.

The plant will use livestock residuals and by-products such as slurry, manure and feed waste as feedstock. Once completed the plant will produce around 360 kg per hour of liquefied biomethane (bio-LNG) and 600 kg per hour of liquefied bio-carbon dioxide (bio-CO2).

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