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Clear Solutions USA reveals new GRAS-approved ethanol plant cleaning tech

In the United States (US), industrial cleaning innovator Clear Solutions USA has announced a new "breakthrough" GRAS-approved ethanol plant cleaning technology with the potential to eliminate plant shut-downs requiring hydro-blasting, improve ethanol yield, greatly enhance run times, and shorten cleaning cycles.

Evaporators at a corn ethanol plant.

Evaporators at a corn ethanol plant.

According to the company, its patented cleaning technology provides ethanol plants significant cost savings coupled with higher performance and fewer maintenance stops. The CLEARSOL CIP ETOH-G COMPLETE 20+ technology is a formulated caustic-based concentrated cleaner that is GRAS-approved for ethanol plant cleaning applications when diluted as instructed that controls water hardness up to 20 grains (approximately 350 ppm) and lowers the surface tension of the cleaning solution to 30 dynes/cm.

Applications include ethanol processing equipment prone to scale and heavy residue build-ups such as evaporators, heat exchangers, separators, and fermentors. The continuous build-up of scale and residue on equipment surfaces creates serious problems for the ethanol plant such as performance loss, lower production rates, and lower yield due to the loss of heating efficiency.

Heat exchangers are highly prone to this phenomenon which leads to costly production stops requiring hydro-blasting to properly clean out the equipment. However, the company says that its new CLEARSOL CIP ETOH-G COMPLETE 20+ technology prevents such plant shut-downs by utilizing its new patent-pending technology to continuously clean and prevent scale build-up.

This allows for longer run-times, shorter rinse cycles, fewer production stops, higher yields, and even lower set-points.


It has also been found to be GRAS-approved by an independent regulatory group for ethanol plant cleaning including CIP (Clean-in-Place) cleaning of the fermentors. When used as instructed for CIP cleaning, this technology will not introduce any harmful residue into the spent grain resulting from the ethanol production process. The spent grain may continue to be used as animal or aquafeed.

“Generally recognized as safe” – GRAS,  is a United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) designation that a chemical or substance added to food or feed is considered safe by experts. As such, it is also exempted from the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) food additive tolerance requirements.

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