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Dieffenbacher to supply particleboard plant to Ecuador

Germany headed wood industry technology suppliers Dieffenbacher has revealed that it was selected by Novopan del Ecuador, a leading producer of medium density particleboard (MDP) in Ecuador to supply a new MDP line as part of Novopan's production capacity increase plans in Quito.

New MDP line in Quito, Ecuador with Juan Carlos Calderon (left) Technical Team, Novopan del Ecuador; Kari Simolin, Managing Director, Dieffenbacher Panelboard Oy; Ignacio Bustamante, General Manager, Novopan del Ecuador; Patricio Paez, Production Manager, Novopan del Ecuador; Cesar Alvarez, CEO, Novopan del Ecuador; Hubert Dressel, Head of Engineering Department, Dieffenbacher; Johannes Schwendele, Sales Manager, Dieffenbacher; Cesar José Alvarez, Head of Sales Department, Novopan del Ecuador (photo courtesy Diffenbacher).

According to a statement July 26, the scope of supply includes a forming station with a conveyor system that begins at the glue blenders, a forming line with prepress, an 8 ft wide by 20.5 meters-long CPS+ press system, a raw board handling system and a stack and transfer system.

Dieffenbacher subsidiary Maier will contribute with its wood yard and chipping technology. Novopan has ordered the storage cross chain and rectifying conveyor for the feeding of logs as well as a chain bed conveyor for loading slab bundles, which is followed by a special cleaning section.

Maier will also deliver a vibration dosing table to be loaded with short-piece wood assortments; a drum chipper feeding belt conveyor with a metal detector; and waste belt conveyors. The key machine for the new chipping line is a Maier Drum Chipper HRL 1600 with a clamping plate rotor. Three MRZ 1400 knife ring flakers with FlowOptimizer complete Maier´s scope of supply for the wood chip and wet flake preparation.

We are happy to work with Dieffenbacher once again. With our existing plant, Dieffenbacher proved they can help us produce high-quality panels very efficiently. That’s why we trust Dieffenbacher will be the right partner for our new production line, too said Cesar Alvarez, CEO of Novopan del Ecuador, at the contract signing in December 2017.

MDP capacity increase

Novopan’s current MDP plant in Quito produces up to 1 000 m³ of MDP per day. In 2010 and 2013, Dieffenbacher modifications to the forming station and an extension of the raw board handling system helped to expand plant capacity from 400 m³ per day.

In 2014 and 2015, we installed a new prepress and EVOjet P glue-saving system from Dieffenbacher to increase plant efficiency, added Alvarez.

Dieffenbacher began working with Novopan following the delivery by Metso of most of the original plant’s production line components. Metso sold its wood-based panel business to Dieffenbacher in 2008 and Dieffenbacher has serviced the original Quito plant ever since.

The latest Novopan plant is Dieffenbacher’s sixth new plant project in Latin America in four years. Other projects include three plants in Mexico and two in Brazil. Numerous modernization projects, mostly the addition of EVOjet M, EVOjet P and PROjet gluing systems — all enabling significant glue savings and, the company says, also helping Latin America customers operate more efficiently.

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