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Good vibes for global launch

For many foresters and farmers alike Husqvarna's new X-CUT saw chain will probably be the most important new product to check out at the upcoming Elmia Wood forestry trade show in Sweden.

Husqvarna’s new X-CUT saw chain is said to cut faster with lower vibrations and stay sharper longer than comparable chains (photo courtesy Husqvarna).

Last autumn, Swedish forest and garden power tool equipment manufacturer Husqvarna presented its X-CUT SP33G saw chain for a few markets including Sweden. But the global launch of the product will be at the upcoming Elmia Wood forestry trade show in Jönköping, Sweden along with its full range of power tools and accessories for professional forestry.

The new chain is the result of research right down to the choice of materials and the company has also invested in a new production unit to utilise the very latest technology in its manufacturing. The unit is located very close to Elmia Wood in the town of Huskvarna.

Faster with lower vibrations

According to Husqvarna, the new X-CUT differs from comparable products by cutting faster with lower vibrations. It stays sharp longer than competing chains on the market and is supplied pre-stretched, so it can be used immediately and does not need sharpening as often, a factor that ought to be welcomed by many chainsaw operators.

– The X-CUT is developed to function optimally with Husqvarna’s chainsaws, said Hanna Nordquist, who is in charge of Husqvarna’s participation at the show adding that the company’s chain specialists will be on the stand.

So far the chain is only available in a single dimension with a varying number of drive links. The version is the one most commonly used with chainsaws, with a pitch of 0.325 inches and a 1.3 mm gauge. More dimensions are being developed.

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