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Greenlane Renewables to supply biogas upgrading tech to Colombia and Spain

Canada-headed biogas upgrading technology supplier Greenlane Renewables Inc, (Greenlane) has revealed the signing of approximately CA$6.2 million in new biogas upgrading system supply contracts – its first renewable natural gas (RNG) project in Colombia and a new system to Spain.

A Greenlane Renewables water-wash (or water-scrubbing) technology. This type of biogas upgrading technology is the most deployed biogas upgrading technology in the world. Water-wash systems use counter-flow water to scrub away impurities, without the need for chemicals or heat. Requiring no upstream treatment, the raw untreated biogas is compressed, and then simply flows upwards through a cascade of water. The carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and siloxanes dissolve into the water while the methane does not, separating the two. The methane is then dehydrated providing pure, dry RNG. The water is cleaned of the impurities by flowing air through it and reused in a closed-loop (image courtesy Greenlane).

The first contract is for the supply of its pressure swing adsorption biogas upgrading system to a municipality in Colombia. Engineering work will commence immediately with a Notice to Proceed (NTP) on equipment fabrication expected later this year.

This project will be the first commercial-scale biogas upgrading system deployed by Greenlane Renewables in Colombia making it the 19th country for the company. The plant will produce renewable natural gas (RNG) for direct injection into the local natural gas grid.

Greenlane continues to expand its pioneering global reach with a new system contract win in Colombia, which marks Greenlane’s 19th country for technology deployment and 12th country to be the first to supply biogas upgrading equipment. Supplying biogas upgrading equipment for the first time into Colombia is further evidence that RNG continues to be globally recognized as a key component of the overall decarbonization solution. We see a significant opportunity in South America and continue to be seen as a market leader with multiple technologies, allowing us to be competitive on a global scale, said Brad Douville, President and CEO of Greenlane.

The second contract is for the supply of Greenlane’s water wash biogas upgrading system in Spain. The order fulfillment of this contract will commence immediately, however, and for further transparency, the customer has a two-week period in which it may exercise an option to halt further activity with no penalty.

Receiving an order from our customer in Spain is another example of the success we’re seeing as a trusted supplier in the biogas upgrading industry. Project developers and engineering firms alike recognize the value of our multiple technology approaches, expertise and long-standing history in the RNG industry, said Brad Douville.

For competitive reasons, the value of the individual contract amounts or client identities has not been disclosed at this time.

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