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Komptech and Binder+Co collaborate on compost treatment technology

New limit values for the amounts of contaminants in organic waste represent a major challenge for plant operators. In order to increase the effectiveness of contaminant removal in compost treatment, Austria-headed Komptech GmbH, a leading manufacturer of machines and systems for the mechanical and biological treatment of solid waste and biomass, and compatriot Binder+Co AG, a leading glass processing systems and screening solutions provider, have entered into a technology partnership.

Komptech and Binder+Co have entered into a technology partnership with the goal of increasing the effectiveness of contaminant removal in compost treatment. Martin Pfeffer (left) and Jörg Rosegger (right) from the Binder+Co AG Board of Directors flank Heinz Leitner, CEO Komptech (photo courtesy Komptech).

Organic waste and fertilizer legislation is requiring further reduction in the amount of contaminants permitted in compost and digestate from biogas plants. As these materials are increasingly derived from post-consumer substrates such as food waste, they are often contaminated with remnants of packaging such as glass, metal, hard plastics, and plastic film.

Removing these items post-processing in composting and biogas plants is a challenge for processing machinery, as the moist organic material makes screening and separation difficult, especially precision separation. Furthermore, contaminants are occurring in ever smaller particle sizes.

The combined Komptech and Binder+Co solution bring together different separation steps for compost post-processing, using Komptech machines and a BIVITEC flip flow screen.

This latter technology, developed by Binder+Co, works with flexible screening mats that alternately and very rapidly stretch and compress. The high acceleration of this movement efficiently separates even hard-to-screen materials and keeps the screen mat openings unblocked.

We both have many years of experience in compost treatment, as manifested by satisfied customers around the world, remarked Jörg Rosegger, Board Member of Binder+Co.

For the optimum overall solution

Treatment of biogenic waste is one of Komptech’s core competencies. The company has extensive process knowledge in this field, and offers suitable machines and systems technology for all treatment steps, from shredding/chipping to decomposing to screening and separation.

The first joint reference system will go into operation in Austria in the coming months. The two companies intend to deepen their technology partnership going forward, and are already working on further innovative solutions.

Binder+Co and Komptech are equal partners. Both companies work at a very high-quality level, both are very innovative, and both are already collaborating in various R&D projects as technology drivers for the circular economy, said Heinz Leitner, CEO of Komptech.

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