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Malmberg to supply biogas upgrading plant to Skellefteå

Sweden-headed wastewater treatment and biogas technology providers MalmbergGruppen AB has announced that it has been awarded a contract to provide a new biogas upgrading facility by the municipality of Skellefteå in northern Sweden. The new upgrading plant is to be operational by summer 2018.

Malmberg is to supply a new biogas to biomethane upgrading unit to Skellefteå (photo courtesy Skellefteå kommun).

According to a statement, Malmberg will build a new facility for biogas upgrading at the Tuvan’s wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Skellefteå. In addition to a Malmberg Compact GR 6 upgrading unit, the scope of supply also includes high-pressure compressors and decompressors.

The contract is part of an overall upgrade of the Tuvan WWTP, which has been modernized with a brand new pre-treatment plant. This enables a doubling of the amount of household biowaste that can be treated by the plant which in turn provides new opportunities for increased production for vehicle grade biomethane to be distributed via a pipeline from the upgrading unit.

The total investment is approximately SEK 100 million (≈ EUR 10.1 million) of which SEK 16 million (≈ EUR 1.62 million) is in the form of an investment grant from the Climate Step (Klimatklivet) programme administered by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket). The new upgrading plant will be able to produce approximately 2.1 million Nm3 of biomethane per annum.

It is gratifying to see a Swedish municipality investing so heavily in biogas as a vehicle fuel. More of this is needed in Sweden if we are to achieve our environmental goals. Malmberg has Sweden’s longest experience in such projects and we are looking forward to a state-of-the-art plant in Skellefteå, said André Carlsson, Business Area Manager Malmberg Biogas.

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