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Morbark celebrates 60th anniversary with 11th Demo Days

Morbark, LLC, a US manufacturer of equipment used in forestry, recycling, tree care, landscaping, sawmill and biomass markets welcomed about 250 customers, members of its authorized dealer network, and other guests from 15 countries for its 11th Demo Days. The two-day programme featured a factory tour as well as equipment demos including the latest additions, the 3400XT Wood Hog horizontal grinder and the Morbark Pronar Trommel Screen.

Launched earlier this year the 3400 XT Wood Hog in action (photo courtesy Morbark).

Hosted at Morbark’s manufacturing and assembly facility in Winn, Michigan, the event included an extensive factory tour, networking opportunities as well as a comprehensive equipment demonstration of equipment for the forestry, biomass, recycling and tree care markets –  a key feature of Morbark’s Demo Days and this year was no exception.

Celebrating its 60th anniversary this history was highlighted throughout the event with one of the first Eeger Beever brush chippers, built within the first six months of production in 1980, was refurbished and on display. Out in Morbark’s own in-woods demo “play-ground”, fifteen different grinders, chippers, trommel screens and boxer loaders were demonstrated.

From the Beever brush chipper model series were shown the M12RX, M15R, M20R with loader and M20R Forestry Chipper as well as the 223 Flail, a 23 NCL Chiparvestor, a 50/48 NCL Drum Chipper, a 40/36 MicroChipper and from the grinder offering, a 1300B Tub Grinder along with the horizontal grinders, the 6600 Wood Hog, 4600XL Track Wood Hog and the 3400 XT Wood Hog.

The latter is the most recent edition launched earlier this year and one of its most important features is its standard width of 8’4″ (2.53 m), making it within the legal transport width in any country, no matter what engine is used. This model accommodates engines from 540 to 800 horsepower (402 to 596 kW), so it is ideal for a broad range of applications in a wide variety of markets worldwide.

According to Morbark, other key features are the longer infeed bed with sloped sides for improved operator sight lines and more efficient loading of material, as well as an extended platform between the hood and the engine, for better access to components for general maintenance or to change screens.

The 3400 XT Wood Hog paired with a Morbark Pronar MPB 20.55 Trommel Screen (photo courtesy Morbark).

Available in four sizes, the Morbark Pronar mobile trommel screens are designed to work with a wide variety of materials, including soil, compost, municipal waste, coal, aggregate and biomass. Easy-to-use electronic controls allow the operator to tailor the operation parameters to the materials to be separated. A variety of drums are available to meet the customer’s specific needs, with round or square holes and of any mesh size.

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