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PowerCell receives fuel cell system order from construction equipment OEM

Hydrogen fuel cell technology developers PowerCell Sweden AB (PowerCell) has announced that it has received an order for an MS-100 fuel cell system from a leading European construction equipment manufacturer. The system is expected to be delivered by the end of the first half of 2021.

Based on the PowerCell S3 fuel cell stack, the PowerCell MS-100 is designed to withstand vibrations to ensure a long service life while providing quick and smooth start-up regardless of weather conditions. MS-100 offers a maximum power output of 100 kW and by connecting systems in series, it’s possible to reach megawatt power levels (photo courtesy PowerCell).

According to a statement, the undisclosed customer will use the system for tests of how fuel cells and hydrogen can be used for the electrification of a wheeled loader.

In April last year, PowerCell Sweden AB launched new strategic priorities which, among other things, include an increased focus on off-road vehicles such as construction equipment.

Various types of construction equipment almost always run on diesel and therefore account for large emissions of carbon dioxide and harmful substances such as soot and nitrogen oxides. Electrification based on fuel cells and hydrogen is a highly attractive alternative for these types of vehicles as it offers the same driveability and up-time as conventional drivetrains with no other emissions than water, commented Andreas Bodén, Director Sales & Marketing at PowerCell.

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