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PowerCell Sweden receives fuel cell systems order from H2Fly

Swedish hydrogen fuel cell technology developer PowerCell Sweden AB (PowerCell) has announced that it has secured an order valued at a total of SEK 7.2 million (≈ EUR 720 000) from the German hydrogen-electric powertrain aviation firm H2Fly GmbH. The order comprises several fuel cell systems of type P System 100 and is scheduled for delivery during the first quarter of 2022.

On September 29, 2016, the four-seat passenger aircraft HY4 took off for the official first flight from Stuttgart Airport in Germany The HY4 is the world’s first four-seat passenger aircraft powered solely by hydrogen fuel cell battery system. Scientists of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) developed the aircraft powertrain and worked together with partners from industry and research in the project (photo courtesy H2Fly).

The hydrogen aviation start-up H2Fly is the owner and operator of HY4 aircraft which made its maiden journey in 2016. The company’s goal is to develop a zero-emission, certifiable hydrogen-electric powertrain for AirTaxi, general aviation, and regional aircraft.

Hydrogen fuel cells enable a low noise, emission-free electric aircraft propulsion. With our 15 years of powertrain system experience, we are heading for certification and will change aviation, said Professor Dr Ing Josef Kallo, CEO of H2Fly.

H2Fly will use the P System 100 fuel cell systems in its work to develop hydrogen-electric powertrain solutions for aviation.

The interest in hydrogen-electric solutions is growing quickly within the aviation industry and PowerCell has received several orders from the industry over the last 12-18 months. Fuel cell-based drivetrains offer an attractive zero-emission alternative for the electrification of short-distance and regional aircraft, commented Richard Berkling, CEO of PowerCell.

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