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PowerCell Sweden receives PowerCell S3 fuel cell stack order from Bosch

Swedish hydrogen fuel cell technology developers PowerCell Sweden AB has announced that it has received an order for PowerCell S3 fuel cell stack from German technology major Robert Bosch GmbH at a total value of approximately EUR 901 000. The order will be delivered at the beginning of next year.

The order comprises several PowerCell S3 fuel cell stacks to be delivered to Bosch within the framework of the joint development and licensing agreement. In April 2019, Bosch and PowerCell Sweden signed an agreement regarding the development, production, and sale of the PowerCell S3 fuel cell stack for the automotive segment.

The agreement includes joint development of the S3 and a license whereby Bosch gets the exclusive right to produce and sell the new and improved version of PowerCell S3 for automotive applications such as cars, trucks, and buses.

A PowerCell S3 fuel cell stack (image courtesy PowerCell Sweden).

PowerCell Sweden S3 fuel cell (image courtesy PowerCell Sweden).

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