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Pro-Métal Plus and Säätötuli Canada to co-develop biomass boilers for North America

In Canada, Pro-Métal Plus and Säätötuli Canada Enterprises Inc, have announced the co-development of a biomass boiler range for the North-American market. The two Québec-based companies will pool their know-how to create hot water biomass boilers adapted for the Säätötuli multi-fuel biomass burner technology.

A Säätötuli hot water biomass boiler (photo courtesy Säätötuli Canada).

According to Säätötuli Canada, a North-American distributor of biomass boilers and furnaces based on Finland-headed Säätötuli Oy biomass combustion technology, the technology has been successfully used and proven for more than 30 years in rigorous polar winter conditions of Northern Europe.

In September 2017, Säätötuli Oy was acquired by compatriot biomass boiler manufacturer and installer Ariterm Oy. With the new cooperation, future boilers for the North American market will be manufactured by Pro-Métal Plus at their Deschambault, Québec (QC) factory in the region of Portneuf.

Säätötuli Canada aims to provide the best service and high-quality products at a competitive price. A big part of our products will be locally produced, thanks to Pro-Métal Plus’s manufacturing facility and qualified staff. This cooperation allows us to cut the delivery and transport times and waive the currency conversion risks. It will also reduce the carbon footprint of our products, making them even more ecological, said Topi Tulkki, CEO of Säätötuli Canada.

The new boiler range manufactured in Portneuf by Pro-Métal Plus will be a good fit for institutional, commercial, industrial and agricultural building heating as well as heat networks. First deliveries are expected for the next heating season.

Pro-Métal Plus sees this agreement as a development opportunity in a new industry with huge potential and great environmental impact. Our engineering department has all the skills needed to ensure that the future products will meet all the local standards, which was one of the key points from the beginning of our discussions, said Sylvain Deshaies, CEO of Pro-Métal Plus.

Using local energy sources has been one of the Portneuf Ouest Chamber of Commerce’s priorities.

Local manufacturing of biomass heating equipment is the next logical step after the experience acquired with the installation and commissioning of the St. Gilbert biomass heating plant 5 years ago, said Jean-Pierre Naud, CEO of the Portneuf Ouest Chamber of Commerce, who initiated the discussions between the two companies.

Säätötuli Canada also works with other Finnish technology providers including Junkkari Oy for woodchippers, Agromaster Oy for firewood processors and earlier this month the company entered into an agreement with Volter Oy to provide small biomass-fired combined heat and power (CHP) units to Québec.

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