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Super sports car hybrid tech in Logset 12H GTE

Logset presented the world’s first series-manufactured hybrid harvester at Elmia Wood. For short periods the engine package can deliver 510 horsepower.

With up to 25 percent in fuel savings per m3 felled timber, Logset’s diesel hybrid harvester 12H GTE generated a lot of interest.

Weighing in at 24.5 tonnes, the 8-wheeled Logset 12H GTE harvester is the largest machine that Finland-based Logset Oy has come off its production line. Launched last month Logset reveals that it is hybrid technology from super sports cars that adds power to the world’s first series-manufactured hybrid harvester.

It gives more power in the forest and also reduces fuel consumption but the hybrid technology takes up space and costs a lot. That’s why it’s best suited right now for big machines, explained Pascal Rety, Export Sales Director for Logset.

The technology is similar to the solution used by manufacturers of super sports cars to squeeze out, even more, performance from their engines. Between the engine and the transmission sits a combined electric motor and generator. Instead of batteries, it has super capacitors, which store the generated energy and release it immediately there is a need for extra power.

This enables Logset to use a smaller 7.2-litre diesel engine instead of a 9 litre that would be normal in this size of harvester. Because the electric drive chips in when extra power is required, the diesel engine can also be run more smoothly with less fuel consumption.

Our tests show that this hybrid solution reduces fuel consumption by half a litre per cubic metre of felled timber. Compared with a 9-litre diesel engine, that’s a 25 percent saving, said Rety.

It would seem that Logset’s new harvester GTE is off to a flying start with units already sold to Australia, France and Sweden.

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