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Tønder Fjernvarmeselskab selects Linka Energy for new biomass heat plant

In Denmark, biomass combustion technology provider Linka Energy A/S has recently revealed that it has been selected by district heating company Tønder Fjernvarmeselskab to deliver a 3.75 MW woodchip-fired heat plant in Tønder.

Linka Energy has recently revealed that it has been selected by Tønder Fjernvarmeselskab to deliver a 3.75 MW woodchip-fired heat plant in Tønder, Denmark (photo courtesy Linka Energy).

Currently, heat production in Tønder mainly comes from natural gas-fired boilers and gas-powered heat pumps at various centers in Tønder. The new Linka Energy plant will be located on Energivej and will cover about one-third of the heat demand in Tønder.

According to a statement, the investment in the new biomass heat plant, the value of which has not been disclosed, is based on a “large and thorough” preparation with analyzes of alternative solutions, including prices of fossil fuels and biofuels, respectively.

Biomass is competitive

The price of biofuels is extremely competitive compared to the price of natural gas and with a wood-fired plant of this size, sustainability is ensured. This is why the new system helps ensure that consumers have both robust energy prices.

In the long run, the investment is expected to bring significant savings to the company and these savings will ultimately benefit consumers. In addition to financial benefits for the heating plant and consumers, the new plant will result in an annual reduction of fossil carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of about 4 100 tonnes.

As a district heating company, we have a responsibility for the environment, which is why we have focused on a highly efficient and sustainable biofuel-based heating system, said Johnny Pedersen, CEO of Tønder Fjernvarmeselskab.

The project has been in the pipeline for several years, where Tønder Fjernvarmeselskab has studied the market and opportunities. In autumn 2019, the project was put out to tender which Linka Energy provided the winning bid.

The Board of Directors chose Linka because of the project’s operating economy and a very long warranty period. In addition, the plant can work with fuel with very high moisture and comply with future stringent environmental requirements, said Peter Nørkjær.Chairman of the Board of Tønder Fjernvarmeselskab.

Linka Energy has begun the detailed design of the building and machinery, and it is expected that a contract will be signed with the individual contractors. The plant should be ready to produce heat by early 2021.

The fully automatic, modern heating plant is built to ensure a stable operation with a focus on ease of use and a good working environment for the operating staff. The staffing requirements are minimal and the plant can even be monitored via remote access, which means that consumers are always guaranteed access to heat.

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