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Triogen launch "e-box 170", a plug & play 170 kWe ORC

Triogen has announced the launch of its latest generation high temperature ORC technology, the “e-box 170” with a rated electric capacity of 170kW that comes in a standard 20 ft container.

Artist rendering of Triogen's new "e-box 170" ORC (illustration courtesy Triogen).

Artist rendering of Triogen’s new “e-box 170” ORC (illustration courtesy Triogen).

Netherlands-based Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology developers Triogen B.V. has announced the launch of its latest generation high temperature ORC technology, the “e-box 170” with a rated electric capacity of 170kW.

Leveraging on over 700 000 operating hours from more than 40 Triogen ORCs, the new e-box 170 comes in a standard 20-foot shipping container enabling a simpler, plug & play installation to gas and diesel engines as well as to biomass burners.

– We are very proud of the updated product. It is based on customer feedback, years of operating experience and a right dose of innovation. With the e-box, we make our ORC technology simpler to install, more economic to run and easier to operate. This is a technology break-through. And the success in the market shows we are on the right track, said Henning von Barsewisch, CEO of Triogen.

Triogen’s proven ORC technology converts high temperature (> 350 °C) heat into electricity and when combined with gas or diesel engines, producing this power does not require any additional fuel as the residual heat in the engine exhaust gas is used. When combined with a biomass burner, the ORC allows converting locally available solid biomass into electricity and heat for local on site use.

– All components have undergone a sound design review; while the core technology including the turbo-generator, valves and the process remain unchanged, other components have been simplified and adapted to fit into a 20-foot container, explained von Barsewisch.

Quicker installation, better bankability

Since the external connection points have been reduced to heat intake, rejection as well as the power to export to the grid, the installation of the ORC is significantly simplified. Triogen performs a full factory acceptance test of the containerized unit before shipping. This translates into quicker start-up and installation cost savings.

– Of course every project has its own site-specific conditions but we expect that the installation time needed for the e-box 170 is around one week contra an average of three weeks, he said.

Increased mobility also makes planning permitting in most jurisdictions easier as it is not a permanent structure and improves bankability. This also makes third party financing easier.

– The entire asset is self-contained so to speak, unplug, decouple and remove. This feature is an attractive de-risk factor for third-party financing, ended Henning von Barsewisch adding that the company has signed multiple contracts with more expected in the near future though no details could be revealed at this moment in time.

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