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Valmet to supply BCTMP plant conversion to Estonian Cell

Finland-headed energy and forest industry technology major Valmet Oyj has announced that it has been contracted by AS Estonian Cell, a subsidiary Austria-headed Heinzel Holding GmbH, to supply a conversion of the existing bleached chemical-thermomechanical pulp plant including a new slab press and conveyor systems, which will increase pulp production and reduce steam, fresh water, and chemical consumption at the pulp mill in Estonia.

Estonian Cell is a bleached-thermo-chemical mechanical pulp (BTCMP) mill that uses only Aspen pulpwood as feedstock.

Estonian Cell is a bleached chemical thermomechanical pulp (BCTMP) mill that uses only Aspen pulpwood as feedstock.

Valmet’s delivery is part of Estonian Cell’s EUR 20 million growth investment programme that will enable the company to achieve an annual production capacity of 185 000 tonnes of pulp and improve the plant’s efficiency. In 2017, the production capacity of Estonian Cell was just over 171 000 tonnes of aspen pulp, all which was exported.

According to Valmet, the order will be delivered in two stages. The first stage involves a conversion of the existing bleached chemical thermomechanical pulp (BCTMP) plant, which will increase production and reduce steam, fresh water, and chemical consumption. In the second stage, Valmet will deliver a slab press and conveyor systems with connecting control system. The new machinery will boost production capacity and make the line more cost-efficient. The second stage will increase the annual production volume.

We are ready to start with the first stage of the investment programme which focuses on liquidating the bottlenecks of the production and wastewater treatment and improving efficiency. In the second stage, we have chosen to invest in another slab press from Valmet to increase our production capacity. The good experience from the earlier installed slab press, which increased availability and stabilized production, makes us confident that this investment will make us reach our set production target, said Lauri Raid, Mill Manager at Estonian Cell.

The BCTMP plant conversion includes a mechanical steam separator, a new washing stage by a screw press with medium consistency pump and a new final washing stage before the flash dryer with heavy duty TwinRoll presses. Reconfiguration and reprogramming of the existing bleaching system with detailed automation engineering are also included.

The new slab press is replacing the original slab press, which was a prototype that did not meet stability expectations. Mechanical installation of the slab press is included. Commissioning and start-up supervision is included in both stages.

Though the value of the order has not been disclosed, Valmet says that a project of this size and scope is typically valued at EUR 5-10 million. The start-up is planned for the second quarter of 2019.

We appreciate the long cooperation we have had around the BCTMP plant and the repeat order of a slab press. To see the plans being realized is something we are really looking forward to, as well as to be working together again in this new project, said Mikael Ehrnholm, Senior Product Specialist, Mechanical Fiber at Valmet.

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