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Wiknar launches Kronos crane tip control at SkogsElmia 2019

Crane tip control for cranes on agricultural tractors. That’s the big innovation from Finland-based crane, attachments and logging trailer manufacturer Wikar Oy launched at the SkogsElmia forestry tradeshow currently taking place in Bratteborg, southern Sweden. Until now the function has only existed on large forest machines.

Valtra tractor with Kronos logging trailer.

Finland-headed crane, attachments, and logging trailer manufacturer Wikar Oy choose SkogsElmia 2019 to officially launch its crane tip control for its Kronos brand cranes on logging trailers and agricultural tractors.

Previously, John Deere was the only company to offer crane tip control. The function was presented for forwarders in 2013 and for harvesters, it was launched as a global premiere at Elmia Wood 2017. But now Wiknar is bringing this cutting-edge technology, based on the fly-by-wire system on fighter aircraft, to its Kronos brand cranes for agricultural tractors and log trailers.

Our Smart Boom Control makes the work far easier and safer for inexperienced operators and improves the work environment for experienced ones, remarked Dennis Grankvist, Export Manager at Wiknar.

Automatic end damping

Test operators were initially hesitant but became lyrical in their praise after having tested the crane tip control in practice. Instead of the operator controlling each hydraulic cylinder separately, the computer calculates the optimal crane movements. There is also a function, which can be disconnected, to prevent the crane from hitting the timber bunks during loading.

The control system also engages damping at the cylinder end positions, so there are never any impacts that can damage the crane, Grankvist added.

The models with this Smart Boom Control are the Gripto 1009 and 1010, with 8.5 and 10 metres’ reach respectively. They are sturdily built with built-in hydraulic hoses in the extension boom and for the rotator.

Available for third-party manufacturers

Crane tip control also makes these cranes interesting to other forwarder and smaller harvester OEMs with harvester heads up to 500 kg, as it enables them to offer a technology that previously only the large machinery manufacturers had access to.

It is one thing to explain the advantages; quite another to experience them. Wikar is demonstrating the technology during SkogsElmia at which the company will bring along a simulator that will enable visitors to directly compare a conventional crane to one with crane tip control.

The concept was first launched at FinnMetko last year and has since been developed. Athough SkogsElmia marks the official launch of the product, some dealers and representatives have already put in orders, said Grankvist.

Innovation for logging trailers

Wikar is also presenting an innovation for its log trailer, Smart Drive+. This is a steering system for the trailer drive that collects data from the tractor about speed, the position of the brake and clutch pedals, the position of the operator’s chair amongst other things. In short, the trailer drive is automatically engaged and disengaged and in the correct direction of travel.

Smart Drive+ is available for Valtra’s tractors and will also be made available to other manufacturers.

“The innovation is that the trailer’s propulsion is synchronised with the tractor’s. This is done using a boost function to propel the trailer more than the tractor when required, plus a curve-taking function when the trailer goes more slowly,” explained Dennis Grankvist Export Manager for Wiknar Oy at the Kronos stand at SkogsElmia 2019.

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