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Bioenergy International is an English language subscription-based trade publication with allied web platform and is focused on the biomass-to-energy value chains; solid, liquid or gas. Founded in 2001 it is based in Stockholm, Sweden and owned by SBSAB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Swedish Bioenergy Association, SVEBIO.

Whenever and wherever bioenergy is discussed

A seemingly pretentious motto yet a simple visionary statement of ambition. Biomass is the world’s single largest renewable energy source. According to the “2015 Key Energy Statistics“ from the International Energy Agency (IEA), the world’s total primary energy supply (TPES) 2013, including international aviation and marine bunkers, amounted to 13 541 million tonnes oil equivalents (Mtoe). Of this “biofuels and waste” accounted for 10.2 percent, which is almost three times larger than all the other renewable energy sources including hydro, combined. Forty years ago, in 1973, it had a 10.5 percent share of the global TPES of 6 100 Mtoe. Thus in real terms, biomass has over doubled its contribution. At the same time biomass is arguably the most misunderstood and emotive energy resource. Its inherent diversity and interdependency makes it complex. Its complexity is often compounded by confusion as biomass only affords a contextual “it depends” answer to yes or no, good or bad style questions.

A good trade publication serves its readers and advertisers as a source of accurate, reliable and inspirational information while providing a relevant contact point. This symbiotic relationship enables a powerful collective communication platform that helps develop and grow the sector. As advocate press our brief is to promote the economic, environmental and societal benefits of the sustainable use of biomass for energy, demonstrating its role as an integral part of the bioeconomy. This we do by using the power of example, wherever it may be, so that it can serve as inspiration to others. In the increasingly challenging biomass business environment, it is imperative that such examples are shown, the stories told and contextual records set straight.

Therefore editorial priority is given to the “doers” taken from across the biomass-to-energy value chains; biomass feedstock, production and collection systems, biomass refining and processing technologies, biomass storage and transportation systems, biomass utilisation intermediaries and technologies as well as R&D. Features range from on-site coverage of commercial facilities and integrated installations to pilot plants and projects.

We strive to make Bioenergy International the natural choice for those active in the bioenergy sphere and anyone interested in keeping up with developments as they unfold in this growing arena. In short, if biomass is your business then Bioenergy International is your brief. It is your story and that of your clients or your clients’ client, we want share. It is your subscription, your advertising and sponsoring custom that enables our on the ground coverage and dissemination through different channels. It is your continued support and commitment that will help us form the unwritten chapters that lie ahead. It is together that we can tell them.

Alan Sherrard, Editor-in-Chief


Special editions and supplements

Each issue includes a comprehensive directory that lists the main technology suppliers to a specific sub-sector. This provides an overview and contact base. We currently produce the following directories:

  • residential boilers, burners and stoves
  • global suppliers
  • forest biomass equipment
  • biofuels equipment
  • biogas technologies suppliers
  • size reduction and densification
  • boilers and burners 300 kW to 300 MW

In 2004 we published our firstWorld of Pellets Map with information about the location and installed capacity of pellet plants. Published once a year as a wall poster, it was included as a supplement to one of our regular issues. Since 2015, an extra dedicated “Pellets Special” is published as the companion issue.

Swedish bioenergy publication

If you are interested in the Swedish bioenergy market then our sister publication Tidningen Bioenergi, also published by our owners the Swedish Bioenergy Association SVEBIO, may be of interest to you. In publication since 1981 it is arguably one of the oldest dedicated bioenergy journals in the world and an authoritative voice. It comes out with six issues per annum.

Conferences, workshops and trade shows

Since the start Bioenergy International has been an active participant and media partner for many bioenergy related events. In addition we organise own events such as Biomass Pellets Asia, held biennially in Thailand in conjunction with Victam Asia. Furthermore, as part of SVEBIO, we are also involved the organisation of international conferences such as World Bioenergy, Nordic Baltic Bioenergy and Advanced Biofuels Conference along with national annual events such as Pellets.

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