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Concrete climate impact reduction for Thomas Betong

Sweden aims to become a carbon-neutral nation by 2045. Thomas Betong AB, the concrete manufacturing subsidiary of Sweden-headed Thomas Betong Group wants to contribute to the conversion and is converting all of its Swedish production plants to use renewable bio-oil instead of fossil fuels. As a result, Thomas Betong will be able to reduce its climate impact from the plants heating process by up to 55 percent.

Thomas Betong is converting all of its Swedish concrete and prefab production plants to use renewable bio-oil instead of fossil fuels (photo courtesy Thomas Betong).

The conversion to rapeseed-derived RME fuel oil is being implemented at all Thomas Betong AB’s concrete and prefabricated (prefab) manufacturing facilities. The investment is being carried out in cooperation with renewable fuel supplier STHLM Biodiesel AB and, with retained annual production volume, will generate a carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction of just over 1 100 tonnes annually.

For us at Thomas Betong, care for people and the environment is most important. That’s why we invest in new sustainable solutions. The new fuel oil allows us to switch from fossil fuels, create a healthier working environment and reduce our climate impact, said Carina Edblad, CEO of Thomas Betong.

Fossil-free production is one example of the sustainability work in progress to reduce its climate impact. The company says that a focus on the environment has characterized its business for many years.

Since 2016, the company has all its electricity supplied by EPD-certified wind power. The same year “Thomas Miljöstomme”, an onsite concrete foundation and formwork system with 30 percent lower CO2 emissions than conventional systems, was launched. Since 2012 concrete products with up to 50 percent lower climate impact have been available on the Swedish market.

In the next step, the company will invest in its distribution and fleet. The goal is to secure environmentally friendly fuels and be open to technical innovations and solutions. An important part is also to work for as short transport distance as possible through local production.

We are continuing to work on energy efficiency to reduce our overall energy consumption and this is a major step towards our goal of becoming completely fossil free. With the right energy-reducing measures we should be able to reduce our impact even further, ended Carina Edblad.

About Thomas Betong Group

Founded in 1955, Thomas Betong Group is a privately held family company with concrete and prefab manufacturing operations. Headquartered in Sweden, the company has through wholly owned subsidiaries production operations in Sweden, the United States, Germany and Poland.

In total, the Group has 152 concrete manufacturing plants, of which 34 are located in Sweden along with three prefab plants also in Sweden. Annual concrete production for the Group is around 4.8 million m3.

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