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Future Fuels appoints Triboron International as biofuel distributor

Netherlands-based biofuels distributor Future Fuels Wholesale BV has revealed an extension of the recently announced groundbreaking partnership with Sweden-based green tribology developer Triboron International AB. The partnership extension allows Triboron International to import and distribute Future Fuels biofuel products in Sweden and Norway.

Triobology technology developer Triboron International has signed a ten-year sales agreement with Future Fuels Wholesale (image courtesy Triboron).

Future Fuels strategy is to make the best pure biofuels and blends in the world. By cooperating with Triboron International AB we achieve a powerful platform for successful distribution of our products in the Scandinavian region, said Germ Wiersma, CEO of Future Fuels.

According to a statement, the import right of an estimated initial volume of 20 million litres per annum, is an extension of a ten-year agreement that includes the integration of Triboron technology into Future Fuels’ range of biofuels. Future Fuels will market the products to their growing international customer base.

Selling Europe’s best fossil-free fuels in Scandinavia is a perfect way to emphasize the unique qualities of our efficiency-enhancing technology. Our strategy is to offer turnkey solutions for transport companies and industries aiming to minimize their environmental footprint, said Pär Krossling, COO Commercial Operations at Triboron.

Triboron International will import Future Fuels products containing Triboron technology and market them locally in Sweden and Norway. The Swedish innovation Triboron is a patented technology for reducing mechanical friction.

Using Triboron in fuels, oils and fats results in major mechanical and environmental advantages as well as economic savings. In addition to reducing fuel consumption and emissions, Triboron also preserves the fuel quality through superior bacteria control. The technology protects mechanical parts from wear and tear, cleans injectors and counteracts corrosion.

Since our technology retains its excellent lubrication and protection abilities also when mixed with biofuels, it is a perfect match for Future Fuels products, said Thomas Lindskog, CEO, Triboron.

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