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ENCE Energía y Celulosa first with SURE-REDII certificates

As of July 1, 2021, certificates according to the requirements of the Renewable Energy Directive (REDII) can be issued in the SURE-EU system. The results of the first audits of two biomass plants in Spain have therefore been eagerly awaited. After careful and meticulous preparation, the certification body CGN was able to make a positive certification decision and hand over the first certificates to the Spanish pulp and energy producer ENCE Energía y Celulosa S.A (ENCE).

Owned and operated by ENCE Energía y Celulosa (ENCE), the 20 MWe Mérida biomass power plant in southwest Spain is one of the first two plants to successfully demonstrate that they fully meet the requirements of the REDII for heat and/or power production and has been issued with a SURE-REDII certificate (photo courtesy ENCE).

The Mérida biomass power plant in southwest Spain has an installed capacity of 20 MWe and produces around 160 million kWh of electricity from agricultural and forestry biomass. The Pontevedra pulp mill generates electricity and heat primarily from sustainably managed forests in the Galicia region and produces more renewable energy than is required by the pulp mill for its production needs.

Thanks to the continuous demand for wood and the sustainable utilization of biomass in the plant in Pontevedra, a total of more than 5 000 jobs in forestry, industry, trade, and logistics can be secured in the region in the long term.

Both plants have now been able to successfully demonstrate that they fully meet the requirements of the REDII for the production and use of biomass for electricity and heat production and thus make an important contribution to ensuring sustainable use of bioenergy.

We are very happy and proud to be the first company to have successfully passed the SURE audit under REDII. We worked hard to provide all relevant information and organize our supply chains. It turned out that the SURE scheme is very well thought out in terms of the structures and needs in the market and the integration of existing processes in the verification chain. We will now prepare our other biomass plants for further SURE audits and hope to be able to provide proof of REDII compatibility here without major complications, too, said Luis Javier Sánchez Hernando, Director of Agroforestry Sustainability at ENCE and responsible project manager for REDII compliance and is satisfied.

Jointly owned by Bioenergy Europe and REDcert GmbH, the SUSTAINABLE RESOURCES Verification Scheme GmbH (SURE) is an “independent and credible certification system” to ensure sustainable use of biomass within the energy sector.

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