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Andritz to supply major pulp technologies for Bracell’s ‘Project Star’ expansion

Austria-headed international technology group Andritz AG recently revealed that it has received an order from Bracell to supply energy-efficient and environmentally friendly pulp production technologies and key process equipment for Bracell’s "Project STAR” pulp capacity expansion in Lençóis Paulista, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

An aerial view of Bracell’s Project Star site adjacent to the existing Lençóis Paulista pulp mill in São Paulo, Brazil. Andritz has been selected to supply key process technologies to the estimated R$7 billion (≈ EUR 1.66 billion) dissolving pulp capacity expansion project including a complete wood processing plant, a HERB recovery boiler, hardwood fibre lines and pulp drying systems (photo courtesy Bracell Group).

Andritz will provide four of the six most important process islands in the pulp mill, which are to be supplied on EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Civil Construction) basis. According to Andritz, the award of the contract, the value of which has not been disclosed, was already made in July 2019 but the name of the client remained confidential at that time.

Start-up for the four process islands is scheduled for the third quarter of 2021 and include:

  • A complete Wood Processing Plant using Andritz’s proven technologies and including chipping lines, stacker-reclaimer, chip screening, biomass handling with Andritz BioCrushers, and biomass storage. Each chipping line for eucalyptus processing consists of Andritz’s unique horizontally fed HHQ-Chipper (EXL model), ensuring high capacity without compromising on chip quality. Woodyard operation is enhanced with state-of-the-art Andritz IIoT products, including ChipperEKG, stone detection, the ScanChip chip analyzer, and a FlowScanner, which measures the density and moisture content of the chips to optimize the fiberline process.
  • An Andritz HERB Recovery Boiler with high steam parameters of 101 bar(a) and 515°C to maximize power generation. The HERB Recovery Boiler features energy-efficient flue gas cooling and feed water preheating technologies to maximize steam production for power generation. It is designed for extended operating periods without requiring wash water. At the beginning of December 2019, Andritz already successfully completed the assembly of the first Recovery Boiler column.
  • Environmentally friendly hardwood Fiber Lines that ensure low-effluent emissions can produce both kraft and dissolving pulp, and which also include a chip feed system, LoSolids continuous cooking system with Pre-Hydrolysis Vessel (PHV), screen room and bleach plant, as well as Andritz’s DD-Washer technology, ensuring low operating costs, low emissions, extremely high washing efficiency, and excellent fiber quality. The cooking plant for the fiberline is state of the art in the continuous cooking process for production of dissolving pulp.
  • A new innovative EvoDry Pulp Drying System with energy-efficient pulp drying based on the high-capacity Twin Wire Former technology, with airborne dryers, cutter-layboy and baling lines. The approach flow with cleaner systems ensures homogeneous pulp feed to the subsequent process stage for both types of pulps – dissolving and kraft. The pulp dewatering machine comprises a headbox with dilution control, a Twin Wire Former, and a press section with one combi-press and two shoe presses. An Andritz cutter-layboy provides the pulp bales to be further processed in the high-capacity baling lines, where the final pulp bale units are produced.

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