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Covestro receives first supply of certified renewable phenol from Borealis

As part of strategic collaboration, Covestro has received the first delivery of 1 000 tonnes of renewable phenol from Borealis, produced with renewable hydrocarbons from Neste. Neste produces these International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) Plus certified hydrocarbons entirely from renewable raw materials. These are then converted into ISCC Plus mass balance certified phenol by Borealis and finally used by Covestro to produce the high-performance plastic polycarbonate.

As part of strategic collaboration, Covestro has received the first delivery of 1 000 tonnes of renewable phenol from Borealis, produced with renewable hydrocarbons from Neste. The renewable phenol is used in the manufacture of polycarbonate, a high-performance plastic used in products such as automotive headlights (photo courtesy Covestro).

The renewable phenol is a replacement for part of the phenol previously manufactured from purely fossil resources. Polycarbonate is used in car headlights, automotive glazing, LED lights, electronic devices as well as other applications.

With this first supply, we are once again underlining our commitment to the increased use of alternative raw materials. In this way, we are recycling carbon and are driving circularity forward, which must become the new global guiding principle. By cooperating with upstream partners such as Neste and Borealis, we are showing how a sustainable value chain can work, said Dr Markus Steilemann, CEO of Covestro.

Finland-headed oil refiner and renewable products producer Neste Oyj produces its renewable hydrocarbons entirely from renewable raw materials, such as waste and residual oils and fats. These hydrocarbons can be used in existing production infrastructures and help replace fossil feedstocks that are used in polymers and chemical production.

This makes it possible for companies such as Austria-headed polyolefins, base chemicals, and fertilizers major Borealis AG and Germany-headed Covestro AG, one of the world’s largest polymer manufacturers to produce more sustainable products with consistently high quality on the basis of their existing processes.

We are delighted to see our renewable feedstock helping Covestro to achieve this new milestone. It highlights the drop-in nature of our product replacing fossil crude and its fit for a continuously increasing number of demanding applications. Furthermore, it clearly demonstrates how sustainability-focused collaboration among frontrunner companies – Neste, Borealis, and Covestro – can make a positive impact even within a complex value chain, said Peter Vanacker, President, and CEO of Neste.

With the planned transformation of raw materials used in the company’s production, Covestro aims at helping key industries such as the automotive and electronics industries to achieve greater sustainability and reduce their dependence on materials from fossil resources.

The project is part of a comprehensive programme with which Covestro, together with its partners, is seeking to propel the transformation to a circular economy and become fully circular itself.

Life demands progress. We are proud to be pioneers to deliver renewable phenol to our strategic customer Covestro. Together with our innovative value chain partner Neste, we are at the forefront of driving the circular economy. This is how we re-invent for more sustainable living, said Alfred Stern, CEO of Borealis.

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