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Eidsiva Energi inaugurate biomass heating plant in Elverum

Norwegian municipality owned energy utility Eidsiva Energi A/S has inaugurated a new 10 MWth biomass-fired district heating plant in Elverum, Norway.

With a shovel of woodchips, Mayor Erik Hanstad marked the opening of a new 10 MWth biomass-fired district heating plant in Elverum on September 14. The plant is the latest addition to Eidsiva Energi’s portfolio (photo courtesy Eidsiva Energi).

In 2015, Eidsiva Energi decided to build a new district heating plant in Elverum after it had acquired Elverum district heating in 2014. On September 14, the 10 MWth plant was inaugurated with the first shovel of woodchips for the plant.

Bioenergy is important for us at Eidsiva. It is about exploiting the energy base in the forest and keeping the resources domestic. Therefore, we are very pleased that we can now officially open the new district heating plant here in Elverum. Thanks to the suppliers who have been with us on the team in this project, and especially thanks to the main supplier Jernforsen. We also wish to thank the municipality of Elverum for the good cooperation and organization that was the basis for the project, Øistein Andresen, CEO, Eidsviva Energi told the around 50 attendees attending the official opening ceremony.

Growth ambitions

The company operates and manages a total of 10 biomass plants, both own and third party facilities, in Oppland and Hedmark that provide district heating to ten cities and towns in the region.

Our ambition is to grow further with bioenergy production inland, and the plans involve the purchase of significant annual amounts of biomass from forest owners and the wood working industry. The plant here at Elverum uses woodchips from wood waste, construction and demolition (C&D) wood. It will use about 15 000 tonnes annually and will deliver about 50 GWh of environmentally friendly heat to our customers in Elverum in 2017, said Andresen.

Significant environmental benefits

The district heating from the plant helps to reduce oil consumption in Elverum, while the biomass is sourced locally from local suppliers.

Upgrading the Vestad heating plant and further development of district heating supplies in Elverum contributes to reduced fossil fuel consumption in favour of renewable district heating, said Ola Børke, CEO of Eidsiva Bioenergi.

Eidsiva Energi is owned by the Norwegian county’s Hedmark and Oppland together with the 27 municipalities in both counties.

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