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Nature Energy submits plans for biomethane-to-grid plant in Kolding

Denmark's largest producer of biogas, NGF Nature Energy, has submitted a biomethane to grid plant proposal to the municipality of Kolding, Denmark. If the application is approved, the DKK 200 million (≈ EUR 26.8 million) investment could create over 220 jobs during the construction phase and, once operational, reduce the municipality's carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by up to 9 percent.

According to a statement, NGF Nature Energy has, together with the biomass supplier association, Trekantområdets forening for biomasseejere (Triangle Area Biomass Owners Association), applied to the municipality of Kolding to set up a DKK 200 million (≈ EUR 26.8 million) biogas plant complete with upgrading to biomethane and injection into the gas grid.

If approved by the municipality, the project would convert 450 000 tonnes of organic waste to green gas annually, thus contributing to the green transition of the gas grid. No date has been reported for when a decision from the municipality is expected.

We have been planning to build a biogas plant in the municipality of Kolding for a long time and I am pleased that today we have submitted the application. It can be a really good project that can make a significant contribution to the green change of the gas grid, said Ole Hvelplund, CEO, Nature Energy.

At the end of 2017, green gas accounted for 6 percent of the gas in the national gas grid and an analysis from Green Gas Denmark shows that it is possible to cover 100 percent of Denmark’s gas consumption with green gas by 2035.

A biogas plant of the size proposed will undoubtedly be beneficial to the climate, the environment and, not least, agriculture. Therefore we hope that the municipality of Kolding will take a positive view of the application so that we can put the spade in the ground, said Nis Hjort, chairman of Trekantområdets forening for biomasseejere.

Positive local effects promoted

According to Nature Energy’s project application, the biogas plant in Kolding may have a number of positive local effects resulting from the annual production of 17.5 million m³ biomethane.

Biogas has been a declared goal in the municipality of Kolding for eight years, and now we are talking about all the gains. It provides a lot of jobs locally without bothering the villages and it is particularly positive for the climate accounts. At the same time, Nature Energy has taken the ideas from the dialogue with its citizens so that they can guide traffic the right way without bothering life in the villages, commented Jørn Pedersen, Mayor of Kolding.

Model calculations from Damvad Analytics show that the establishment of the biogas plant could create more than 220 jobs during the construction period and an employment impact of more than 70 permanent jobs when it is in operation.

At the same time, the treatment of approximately 450 000 tonnes of organic waste consisting of slurry, food waste and food industry residues, would have a significant positive effect on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the municipality.

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