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New Finnish nutrient recycling venture launched

New Finnish nutrient recycling venture launched
In Finland, Kiertoravinne Oy is a new biogas value chain joint venture formed by Biolan Oy, Gasum Oy, and Pöytyän Maanparannus Oy to focus on recycled nutrients (photo courtesy Gasum).

In Finland, a new biogas value chain joint venture has been formed by Biolan Oy, Gasum Oy, and Pöytyän Maanparannus Oy to focus on recycled nutrients. The new company, Kiertoravinne Oy, serves industry and agriculture across the country by supplying digestate-based fertilizer products and recycled nutrients from biogas plants for the needs of industry and agriculture.

Kiertoravinne, which focuses on recycled nutrients, was originally established by Biolan in 2021.

Its ownership base grew at the beginning of August 2022 and the company is now owned by Biolan, and its subsidiary Novarbo Oy, together with Gasum, and Pöytyän Maanparannus.

Kiertoravinne continues Gasum’s work with nutrients by developing nutrients, fertilizers, additives, and soil conditioners suitable for agricultural and industrial use from biogas plants and industrial side streams.

There are still few recycled nutrient companies operating in Finland. Combining the expertise of Gasum, Biolan, and Pöytyän Maanparannus allows us to create a package serving agriculture and industry nationwide that is able to meet large-scale demand, said Ari Suomilammi, Head of Production at Gasum.

Utilize 50 percent of Gasum’s digestate output

Ari Suomilammi Head of Production at Gasum (photo courtesy Gasum).

In addition to this, Kiertoravinne’s offering includes Arvo fertilizers and Arvo composts, both made by Biolan, for crop farming, and Pöytyän Maanparannus liming material for arable use.

During its first year of operations, Kiertoravinne will deliver around 250 000 tonnes of digestate and recycled nutrients a year from Gasum’s biogas plants.

This makes up around half of Gasum’s total production in Finland. In addition, there are plans to transfer all the nutrient production from Gasum’s biogas plants in Finland for the use of Kiertoravinne after a transition period lasting more than a year.

Growing demand for recycled nutrients

The availability of recycled nutrients and their positive effects on the soil health of arable land are driving the constantly growing demand for them.

Demand for recycled nutrients has shown clear growth over the past few years. This is attributable to their good availability and their price level compared to the most widely used mineral fertilizers.

The war in Ukraine has seriously affected the manufacture and import of mineral fertilizers. Recycled nutrients are also a competitive and eco-friendly alternative to traditional fertilizers.

Biolan has used recycled raw materials throughout its history and the establishment of Kiertoravinne Oy is a natural continuum of this. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has weakened the availability of crop fertilizers and together with Kiertoravinne Oy’s shareholders, we want to improve the security of supply and add to the Finnish circular economy, said Teppo Rantanen, Managing Director of Biolan.

Each of the owner companies has a place on Kiertoravinne’s Board of Directors. Kaisa Vuorinen, who earlier worked with recycled nutrients at Gasum, will take up the post as the company’s product manager in October 2022.

Pöytyän Maanparannus Oy’s key approach is to improve the soil health of arable land holistically, taking into account environmental aspects. Kiertoravinne Oy enables development work on new products in a sustainable way, saving the environment. Working with strong, large actors means we have the possibility to reach this goal. Kiertoravinne Oy has been established for the benefit of Finnish agriculture and the environment, said Turkka Salmi, Managing Director of Pöytyän Maanparannus.

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