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SkogsElmia 2019 to focus on forest ownership

The new-generation forest owners are increasingly managing their own forests. At least as important as the yield is to manage the forests in a long-term and environmentally sound way. This approach will be in focus at SkogsElmia 2019, which will held on June 6-8 in the forest south of Jönköping, Sweden. Furthermore, SkogsElmia will be organised by a new generation project team at Elmia.

Like its companion event Elmia Wood, SkogsElmia is packed with forest technology action.

If Elmia Wood is “better than Google” in showcasing global forest technology and innovations, then SkogsElmia can be described as the whole Nordic region’s forestry fair. The overall theme of the fair will be forest ownership, a topic that affects everyone in the forest in different ways – from forest owners to machinery contractors to forestry officials.

According to the organisers, Elmia AB, the fair’s theme will encompass everything from ownership transfer and forest management to technology and logistics that minimise ground damage. With the Nordic forest industry blossoming with biorefineries and bioproduct mills – aka pulp mills – and revamped sawmills, forest owners are making new demands as too is the society in general.

Thus forestry fairs are becoming increasingly important in real life (IRL) meeting places for the forest industry’s various actors and value-chain stakeholders as well as platforms for the development of new products and services. Smart digital technology is being used more and more in forestry too, and so visitors to the fair can look forward to many innovations and much new thinking among the exhibitors.

New generation management team

The three-day SkogsElmia is held once every four years alternating with Elmia Wood that is also held once every four years and SkogsElmia attracts about 30 000 visitors and 300 exhibitors. The event will be held as in previous editions on the Bratteborgs Gård forest estate about 30 km south of Jönköping.

Jakob Hirsmark during Elmia Wood 2017. Hirsmark has now handed over the fair manager reigns to recently recruited SkogsElmia site manager Mattias Pontén.

The biggest news though is that Elmia has also officially announced a new fair manager for SkogsElmia – Mattias Pontén. Also a forest owner, Pontén takes up his post effective immediately replacing Jakob Hirsmark who, according to Swedish agricultural trade journal ATL, is leaving Elmia to join an analytics company. Hirsmark had been with Elmia since 2009 whereas Pontén joined Elmia in February this year as site manager for SkogsElmia.

It will be a terrific experience to be part of the forest industry’s development. Forest ownership is a broad topic with many different issues, which I care greatly about as a forest owner myself. One key focus right now is sustainable forest management with an eye to the future – a future that will be strongly characterised by digitalisation and the links between services and products. We will fill SkogsElmia with many relevant activities to complement the exhibitors’ many new products and services, and we anticipate a fair that will benefit everyone involved, said Mattias Pontén.

No doubt it will be quite the experience and with 12 months to the day before showtime, time to knuckle down. As ATL also revealed, long-time Elmia official and Communication Manager for Elmia’s forestry fairs Veronika Albert will also be upping sticks in August after 19 years of service with Elmia to join a legal services company.

The timing is a little unfortunate but my decision has nothing to do with Jakob’s move. Mattias might be new in this role at Elmia but he is a certified forester with great amount of expertise and solid experience of the forest industry. In fact, it is a great opportunity to bring in some fresh thinking and ideas to SkogsElmia, said Veronika Albert, without revealing what these might entail.

With her departure, the last of Elmia’s original forestry fair team will have handed over to a new generation – Per Jonsson left in 2012 and was followed in 2015 by Torbjörn Johnsen – Johnsen had been the Elmia Wood/SkogsElmia group manager since 1993. In addition, last year site manager Johan Löfgren retired after Elmia Wood.

Veronika Albert Communications Manager (left) and Mattias Pontén, new SkogsElmia Fair Manager (photos courtesy Elmia).

In parallel, a new site for Elmia Wood 2021 will also have to be found as SkogsElmia 2019 will mark the final forestry trade show at Bratteborgs Gård, at least under the current contract.

We have several options on the table at the moment and rest assured that a new site solution for Elmia Wood 2021 will be reached in due course, ended Veronika Albert.

All will no doubt be revealed during SkogsElmia 2019.

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