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Perpetual Next to set up shop in the United States

Perpetual Next to set up shop in the United States
The proprietary Perpetual C-Vertr reactor separates the combustion process from the carbonization process in a closed cycle. The material is conveyed through the length of the reactor and is progressively dried and then carbonized in an anaerobic atmosphere (image courtesy Perpetual Next).

The Netherlands-headed sustainable raw materials and climate technology company Perpetual Next has disclosed some details about its first biocarbon project in the United States. Together with an unnamed global iron ore major, and an unnamed supplier of woody waste streams, the three companies are in the process of establishing a joint venture to develop the first production site in Florida (FL) for the production of biocarbon.

Perpetual Next specializes in producing and supplying renewable raw materials and associated proprietary technology to enable heavy industries, such as the steel and chemical industry, to make their production processes more sustainable.

Among other things, Perpetual Next is a producer of biogas and the company owns the leading technology to produce biocarbon on an industrial scale to replace fossil carbon.

According to a statement, Perpetual Next will provide, among other things, its proprietary technology and know-how for the construction of biocarbon production facilities.

The company already has production facilities that produce biocarbon from waste wood operational in Europe and its ambition to capture the American market, establishing in the United States is a logical next step.

The first location has already been identified for this purpose – Tampa, Florida. At that location, the Joint Venture partners will each assume their role: supply waste wood, provide biocarbon production technology, and off-take the biocarbon produced to make iron ore production more sustainable for the steel industry.

The yet-to-be-named Joint Venture aims to commission biocarbon production facilities at three locations in the US over the next five years.

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