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Sulzer Chemtech to deliver distillation equipment for Steelanol project

Sulzer Chemtech, the separation and mixing technology division of Switzerland-headed global pump solutions major Sulzer Ltd has announced that it has been selected by global steel major ArcelorMittal to provide distillation equipment to its ArcelorMittal Gent steel mill in Ghent, Belgium. The delivery is part of the Steelanol project to convert blast furnace (BF) gas to ethanol.

Sulzer Chemtech was appointed by ArcelorMittal to develop a suitable system to
extract the ethanol after the bacterial metabolic process in the Steelanol waste
gas to ethanol plant being built in Ghent, Belgium (image courtesy Sulzer).

As a specialist in separation technology, Sulzer Chemtech was appointed to develop a suitable system to extract the biofuel after the bacterial metabolic process. The overall carbon footprint balance is a crucial aspect for Sulzer and ArcelorMittal.

For a successful breakthrough process development, it is necessary to reduce any energy consumption, rather than increase it. To do that, Sulzer proposed and designed a first-of-its-kind solution that simplifies the process and the equipment necessary, whilst creating closed loops that can re-use key resources and dramatically reduce energy usage.

Thanks to our capabilities, we are well-placed to support such a far-sighted project. With this contract, we are partnering with ArcelorMittal and LanzaTech to create a novel integrated manufacturing plant that produces steel and ethanol at large scale with the lowest energy consumption and wastage worldwide. In this way, we are developing key strategies to meet the most demanding carbon emission mitigation policies, commented Jacques Juvet, Head Process Plant at Separation Technology for Sulzer Chemtech.

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