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Vaisala scoops Finnish Innovation Award with novel biogas measurement probe

Finland-headed Vaisala Oyj, a global leader in environmental and industrial measurements has announced that its novel in situ 3-in-1 biogas measurement probe, the Vaisala MGP261, was selected as a winner in the Finnish Quality Innovation competition. The novel instrument won the circular economy and carbon neutrality innovations category. The probe now advances to the finals of the global Quality Innovation Award competition that will take place in February 2021 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Jutta Hakkarainen, Vaisala’s Industrial Measurements business’ Strategy and Business Development Director here seen showcasing the MGP261 biogas instrument during the 2019 UK AD & World Biogas Expos in Birmingham, UK.

Launched in early 2019, the Vaisala MGP261 is a multi-gas probe for measuring methane, carbon dioxide, and humidity in demanding environments. The compact measurement instrument is Ex certified up to zone 0, which enables in-line installation also in explosive atmospheres.

The Finnish Quality Innovation Award competition was founded by Laatukeskus Excellence Finland in 2007. It has since grown to become an annual international competition with eight categories.

This is great recognition for a product as revolutionary as the MGP261. The Vaisala CARBOCAP MGP261 Multigas Instrument for methane, carbon dioxide, and humidity was first introduced in early 2019, with instant benefits for the biogas industry. The Vaisala MGP261 transforms waste into value: The better the entire process is monitored and optimized by reacting to changes in gas composition and humidity, the more efficient the biogas plant becomes. This translates directly into improved profitably for customers and is also good for the planet, said Otto Tierto, Project Manager at Vaisala.

The new award is the second win for the company as in 2018, Vaisala’s Continuous Monitoring System won the global Quality Innovation Award in the Business Innovation category for large companies.

A sustainable solution for a greener tomorrow

Lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and responding to waste management issues in a time of population growth is challenging. Renewable energy, especially biogas, is increasingly being recognized as a key part of the solution.

Industrial and municipal waste and wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), landfills, and farms can produce electricity and/or heat from biowaste by using a combined heat and power (CHP) engine.

However, running one profitably means improving the quality of the produced biogas; this has been a tough goal to achieve, until now. According to Vaisala, its MGP261 probe is the world’s first in situ three-in-one biogas measurement instrument that works directly in the biogas stream.

We all need to do everything we can to halt climate change by transitioning to a circular economy and turning waste into energy. In a resource-efficient business, raw materials are used in an economical and sustainable manner instead of letting them go to waste. Vaisala’s MGP261 multi-gas instrument helps the biogas production processes become more efficient and improves the biogas quality, said Jutta Hakkarainen, Director of Business Strategy and Development at Vaisala’s Industrial Measurements Business Unit.

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