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Aemetis begins production of below zero carbon dairy biogas

US-headed advanced renewable fuel and biochemicals company Aemetis Inc., has announced that it is producing dairy biogas from the first two dairies in a 17 dairy digester biogas project. The below-zero carbon intensity (CI) gas is initially being utilized for the production of fuel ethanol at the Aemetis Advanced Fuels Keyes facility in Keyes, California.

Aemetis owns and operates a 65 million (US) gallon (≈ 246 million litres) per year renewable ethanol production facility in Keyes, California (photo courtesy Aemetis).

Aemetis is building an anaerobic digester (AD) network and pipeline to convert dairy farm waste to renewable natural gas (RNG) and is developing a plant in Riverbank, California (CA) to convert waste orchard wood into cellulosic ethanol. Aemetis also produces high-grade sanitizer alcohol and various feed products at its Keyes ethanol facility.

In just over one year, Aemetis Biogas has built and commissioned two dairy digesters and four miles of private pipeline that is now producing below-zero carbon intensity biogas used in the production of transportation fuel. This project provides value to local dairies by creating a new revenue stream while meeting new California requirements for a significant reduction in methane emissions from dairies, said Eric McAfee, Chairman, and CEO of Aemetis.

In December 2020, the company plans to begin construction of a biogas upgrading system that will convert dairy biogas to RNG for injection into the PG&E pipeline or utilization as bioCNG at the company’s onsite renewable compressed natural gas (R-CNG) fueling station.

During 2021, the company plans to continue the development of the next fifteen dairy digesters and related pipeline in the 17 dairy digester RNG cluster located near the Aemetis Keyes plant.

The project funding plan has no debt and more than US$65 million of preferred equity investment and grants.

We are pleased with the rapid scale-up of our dairy methane to renewable natural gas project and rapid progress toward producing large volumes of RNG for transportation fuel. With the addition of 15 more dairy digesters, gas upgrading, utility interconnection, and dispensing RNG to truck fleets, Aemetis is well-positioned to capitalize on the large below-zero carbon transportation market, said Eric McAfee.

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