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Europe is ready for advanced biofuels – hear from the experts in Stockholm

The Swedish Bioenergy Association (Svebio) is organizing the 5th Advanced Biofuels Conference on September 17-19, 2019, in Stockholm. The event will provide you with the latest on renewable fuels, novel technologies and what is going on in biofuels policy and new production. Meet the leading actors, experts, and companies from around the world.

Europe is ready for advanced biofuels and Sweden has set a course for net-zero climate emissions in the transport sector by 2045. The EU has decided on levels for advanced biofuels but has limited crop-based biofuels up to 2030. All this changes the conditions for future investments. The conference gives you insights on how the goals can be achieved.

There is a wide range of new technologies and projects. But will these be realized and will we be able to reverse global warming and at the same time develop the transport sector?

Anne Sophie Vinther Hansen, AP Möller Maersk, Karin Varverud, Energifabriken, Sofia Winternell, SEKAB och Andreas Teir, Neste
Anne Sophie Vinther Hansen, AP Möller Maersk, Karin Varverud, Energifabriken, Sofia Winternell, SEKAB and Andreas Teir, Neste. [caption id="attachment_8984" align="alignnone" width="770"] HAVI and Scania have launched a 5-year programme to reduce CO2 emissions in McDonald's European supply chain.[/caption]According to a statement, the aim is to significantly reduce diesel powered vehicles and shift approximately 70 percent of HAVI’s total truck fleet to alternative fuels, for example, gas and hybrid models, by 2021 within several European countries.Beginning in quarter three, the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in deliveries by HAVI to McDonald’s restaurants utilizing Scania’s next generation trucks and operating solutions will be continuously monitored in real time, bringing existing fleet connectivity to the next level. This significant transformation of the fleet is expected to lead to carbon dioxide (CO2) reductions ranging from 15 to 40 percent for every kilometre driven, depending on route, fuel and traffic conditions.
Innovation is absolutely critical to our sustainability journey and to use our scale for good. Our work with companies like HAVI and Scania takes a proactive approach to finding and implementing more sustainable supply chain solutions, and contributes to our global supply chain and sustainability strategy, said Chris Yong, Global Logistics Director at McDonald’s.
The gas- and hybrid trucks are designed to generate close to zero air pollution and significantly reduce carbon emissions in cities. The trucks are significantly quieter and along with the low-noise cooling equipment will help lower the impact of the deliveries made in city centres and elsewhere.
Leaders in business have a responsibility to drive change. In this partnership, we are setting a new standard for urban deliveries. We are not only discussing plans but actually implementing measures here and now, to benefit the communities where we operate, said Haluk Ilkdemirci, President, Logistics, HAVI.
Additionally, HAVI and Scania are developing a truck with special equipment to collect waste such as used cooking oil (UCO), plastic materials and cardboard from restaurants for recycling. This will help drive increased recycling while reducing the transport of normal waste collections, reducing unnecessary additional kilometres and therefore further reduce CO2 impact.
Undeniably, we see demand for sustainable transport solutions growing. This is an example of the kind of smart partnerships through which we can be more innovative and together accelerate the shift towards a sustainable transport system, said Henrik Henriksson, President and CEO at Scania.
Through this partnership HAVI and Scania are not only taking steps towards a sustainable future but also taking action based on solutions and technologies that are available and ready to be implemented here and now for their customers, like McDonald’s.The collaboration will initially focus on Europe while similar approaches are also being explored for Asia.


  • About 170 international delegates from over 20 countries who will converse about current status for biofuels in politics, policy, transportation, climate benefit, and sustainability.
  • 30 renowned international speakers that will share the latest updates and experiences on state-of-the-art technologies, current projects and multi-million EUR investments in bioeconomy and biorefineries.
  • Top behind-the-scenes study visits on 17 September to RISE’s advanced processes research centre in Södertälje and Scania’s Production Facility for heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Workshop on policy, institutional framework and the role of the financial sector for deployment and upscaling of biorefineries for large scale biofuel production – what is needed to propel the development?
  • Packed conference days on transportation biofuels for road, rail, shipping, and aviation including also special biofuels like liquefied biogas LBG), bioethanol ED95, biomarine, and sustainable aviation fuel.
  • Panel discussions on the new climate policy and proposals for advanced biofuels.


  • The transportation fuel market is changing rapidly in Sweden and Europe. Nordic companies such as SunPine, Neste, RenFuel, SCA, PyroCell, St1, Preem and Södra are investing in new production. Experts and leading companies will present their news and expertise.
  • Reduction obligation quota policy provides the direction for phasing out fossil fuels. But what is the market effect on high-blend biofuels? How should we reach fossil-free transport with the existing market?
  • What does the EU cap on crop-based biofuels and palm oil phase-out mean in reality? What happens in the US, Canada, and Asia?
  • Bio-based fuels for aviation and shipping, how will this change the industry and travel? How much will be available and how should will these be introduced to society as a whole?

Come, listen, discuss and understand how this affects all players in transport, environment, and climate!

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