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Finland to head Bioenergy Europe

In conjunction with the European Bioenergy Future conference in Hanover, Germany, Bioenergy Europe revealed a reshuffle and expansion of its board of directors for the coming term. Hannes Tuohiniitty, from the Finnish Bioenergy Association (Bioenergia Ry) was elected as its new President – the first time the trade body will be led by Finland. Tuohiniitty is to dedicate his two year term to seeking greater cooperation between sectors that use biomass.

The Bioenergy Europe Board of Directors (left to right): Marijan Kavran, CROBIOM, Croatia; Jan Habart, CZBIOM, Czech Republic (new); Matthias Held, BBE, Germany (new); Dr Werner Sitzmann, Amandus Kahl; Francesca Ettorre, Turboden (new); Pablo Rodero, AVEBIOM, Spain; Hannes Tuohiniitty, Bioenergia Ry, Finland (President); Ilias Papageorgiadis, ARBIO, Romania; Christoph Pfemeter, ABA, Austria (Vice-President); Vilma Gaubyte, LITBIOMA, Lithuania; Gustav Melin, SVEBIO, Sweden; Vanja Curin, BABH, Bosina and Herzegovina (new); Mark Lebus, LC Energy; Jean-Marc Jossart, Bioenergy Europe (Secretary General), Gordon Murray, WPAC, Canada (new); Eric Vial, proPellets France, Martino Berton representing Annalisa Paniz, AIEL, Italy; Ross McKenzie, Drax Group. Missing Michael Doran, IrBEA, Ireland.

In conjunction with its European Bioenergy Future conference that was held in Hanover, Germany this week as part of the EnergyDecentral trade show, Bioenergy Europe also revealed the election of a new President, Vice-President and new Board members.

Hannes Tuohiniitty, from the Finnish Bioenergy Association (Bioenergia Ry) was elected as the new President of Bioenergy Europe. Christoph Pfemeter, Österreichischen Biomasse-Verbandes (Austrian Biomass Association – ABA) was elected as Vice-President. In addition, the Board of Directors was also expanded to 18 members.

These elections are important news for the sector. We welcome the new President Hannes Tuohiniitty and Vice-President Christoph Pfemeter. Building on long-standing bioenergy expertise and political skills, they are ready to further develop our lobbying activities. Our new Board, growing from 16 to 18 members this year, and including more companies, also marks an increased effort to further understand and involve the market into our decision making, said Jean-Marc Jossart, Secretay-General, Bioenergy Europe.

Tuohiniitty, who marks the first time that a representative from Finland heads Bioenergy Europe, succeeds Didzis Palejs from the Latvian Biomass Association (LATbio) who has led the organisation for the past two years. Tuohiniitty has served in Bioenergy Europe’s Board since 2015.

The role of the Presidency is a good place to take part in the debate on the future of bioenergy in Europe and energy policy more broadly, Tuohiniitty said adding that he will seek expanded cooperation with other sectors related to biomass .

Founded in 1990 as the AEBIOM – European Biomass Association, Bioenergy Europe is a Brussells-based umbrella advocacy organisation whose members constitute national biomass and bioenergy associations in Europe. It is a joint voice and industry developer of European organizations and businesses. The organization has 40 national federations and 100 partner organizations – companies and other stakeholders.

There are four networks under the umbrella of Bioenergy Europe: European Pellet Council (EPC), International, European Industry of Pellets Suppliers (EIPS) and International Biomass Torrefaction Council (IBTC).

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