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Phibro Ethanol expands Kinetx Yeast Solutions

Phibro Ethanol expands Kinetx Yeast Solutions
Efficient ethanol production begins with ensuring there’s a sufficient amount of yeast present to start fermentation. The goal of every plant is to convert available glucose into as much ethanol as is theoretically possible. An adequate yeast population and conditions that support overall yeast health can help to maximize ethanol yield (graphic courtesy Phibro Ethanol).

In the United States (US), Phibro Ethanol – a division of US-headed Phibro Animal Health Corporation – has announced the addition of "Kinetx Spark", "Kinetx Ignite" and "Kinetx Flare HY" to its yeast solutions portfolio as part of its commitment to meet the needs of today’s biorefineries.

As a recognized industry partner dedicated to clean, consistent, efficient, and cost-effective ethanol production, Phibro Ethanol offers a full portfolio of antimicrobials, cleaning products, yeasts, and enzymes.

As part of the Kinetx Yeast Solutions platform, Kinetx Spark, Kinetx Ignite and Kinetx Flare HY are genetically modified yeast strains producing glucoamylase (GA) through the growth and fermentation stages.

These new strains preserve the superior tolerance to organic acids and higher temperature of the original Kinetx strain, launched in 2021 while increasing ethanol yield with superior reliability.

The cornerstone of the Kinetx line is robustness. These products continue to perform under any conditions a plant may throw at them. The additions to the Kinetx portfolio now provide yield enhancement as well as robustness to push production without sacrificing overall performance, said Dr Stephanie Gleason, Director of Global Technology at Phibro Ethanol.

In addition to robustness, Kinetx Spark was developed for up to 80 percent GA replacement and unmatched substrate utilization for efficient fermentation and higher yields.

Kinetx Ignite expresses multiple enzymes for the highest level of efficiency and exhibits the highest thermotolerance of all strains while maintaining up to 80 percent GA replacement.

Phibro Ethanol now has an offering that increases yield with Kinetx Flare HY.

When ethanol producers use Kinetx Yeast Solutions, they receive access to Phibro’s experienced field and laboratory team that provides a full suite of support and services including laboratory services, data analysis, troubleshooting training, and process optimization.

Phibro offers best-in-class support and service for all of our product lines. When ethanol producers work with Phibro, they are not only getting effective product solutions but the support needed to maximize performance, ended Dr Stephanie Gleason.

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