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Stena Provident completes first ever methanol bunkering at the Port of Savannah

Stena Provident completes first ever methanol bunkering at the Port of Savannah
Stena Provident was officially named at a ceremony hosted at Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI) in China in November 2023 alongside the Stena Progressive. In January 2024, Proman announced a 5-year time-chartering agreement for both ships with Bahri Chemicals (photo courtesy Proman).

In the United States (US), Stena Provident, one of six state-of-the-art methanol-powered IMOIIMeMAX vessels commissioned through the partnership between Proman and Stena Bulk, has completed the first-ever methanol bunkering at the Port of Savannah, in Georgia (GA).

The vessel, which is time-chartered by Bahri Chemicals, successfully bunkered almost 1,000 tonnes of methanol at Colonial Terminals’ Lathrop 2 facility, in a historic first for the port.

The landmark represents another step forward for methanol as a marine fuel.

We pride ourselves on the safe and efficient handling of our customers’ diverse mix of bulk products as well as leading and supporting marketplace innovation. We are grateful to be included in this collaborative effort that supplied the first methanol bunkers in the Savannah market, said Ryan Chandler, President of Colonial Terminals.

As the fourth busiest port in the US, the Port of Savannah is a major hub for the world’s biggest shipping companies.

It is also home to the largest single-terminal container facility of its kind in North America.

Savannah is a significant port, and completing the first-ever methanol bunkering here underlines the growing demand for methanol as a marine fuel, and the increasing industry acceptance of its role on the pathway to achieving a lower-emission future for the shipping sector, said Anita Gajadhar, Executive Director of Marketing and Logistics at Proman.

Record orders for methanol-fuelled vessels

2023 saw a record number of orders for methanol-fuelled vessels, as its benefits as a cleaner burning fuel were further understood.

According to DNV, the number of operational methanol-fuelled ships will more than double this year, with over 250 such ships in operation by the end of 2026.

Our fleet of methanol-fuelled vessels have been in operation around the world for over 20 months and we are proud to be enabling others to gain valuable operational experience of using methanol as a marine fuel by time chartering Stena Provident and other ships in the fleet. The bunkering was made possible thanks to the collaboration with Bahri Chemicals and Colonial Terminals, and I am sure it marks the first of many methanol refuelings at the port, Anita Gajadhar said.

Methanol is a credible pathway

According to Proman, methanol brings immediate cleaner air benefits when used instead of conventional marine fuels, cutting nitrogen oxides (NOx) by up to 80 percent and virtually eliminating sulphur oxides (SOx) and particulate matter (PM).

It offers a credible pathway to a lower-emission future because methanol produced from different feedstocks and with carbon capture technology can be blended or produced at a lower carbon intensity as the production of green methanol ramps up.

This enables vessel owners to make the long-term investment decisions needed to allow their vessels to comply today and throughout their operational life.

Methanol is also widely available at over 120 ports globally, compatible with existing technology, easy to handle, and biodegradable in water.

We’d like to applaud our partners at Proman and Colonial Terminals for their expert handling of the inaugural methanol bunkering procedure in Savannah. We are quite sure this will be the first of many smooth and successful operations at the terminal, not only for us but for many other operators, ended Terence Collins, Director of Chartering at Bahri Chemicals.

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