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Prometec signs significant fuel sampler deal with Fortum

Finland-based technology developer Prometec Oy has announced that it will supply an entire automated fuel sampling solution to Fortum's biomass-fired combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Joensuu, Finland.

A fully automated Q-Robot fuel sampling system will be installed at Fortum’s biomass-fired combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Joensuu, Finland (photo courtesy Prometec).

According to a statement, Fortum Power and Heat Oy, a subsidiary of Finland-headed energy utility major Fortum Oy has made a “significant technology investment” in its Joensuu combined heat and power (CHP) plant now that it has signed a cooperation agreement with compatriot Prometec Oy.

The agreement, the value of which has not been disclosed, includes a Q-Robot fully automated biomass sampler, sample handling system and a sampling hall.

We want to develop our operations continuously in every power plant. Prometec’s automated sampler Q-Robot and sample handling equipment is a new step towards a cleaner and more cost-efficient energy production, said Miika Leinikka from Fortum’s district heating business in a statement.

According to Prometec, the sampler, Q-Robot and sample handling system have been manufactured, assembled and tested in Kajaani, Finland, which translates into relatively short and efficient installation time on site in Joensuu. With the Q-Robot fully automated sampler, Fortum can get representative biomass fuel samples from each arriving truck rapidly and safely.

Occupational safety improves “remarkably” as truck drivers and power plant employees do not need to take samples manually. Removing manual work decreases risk for physical injuries and exposure to potentially harmful substances such as dust and microbes.

Strengthening our cooperation with a big international energy company is a giant leap for Prometec and tells us that our comprehensive automated sampling solution and services are vital for power plants. We strongly believe that this agreement with Fortum will help us in internationalization. It is also extremely important that we can now deliver a turnkey solution that includes a sampler, a sample handling system and a sampling hall. It is easy for our customers to buy when we take care of the whole project, said Juha Huotari, CEO of Prometec.

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