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Quadrise extends agreement with BTG Bioliquids

Quadrise extends agreement with BTG Bioliquids
The Quadrise Multiphase Superfine Atomic Residue (MSAR) technology can process heavy fuel oil (HFO) residues, renewable components, water, and special additives into a highly stable emulsion fuel with enhanced combustion properties (photo courtesy Quadrise).

UK-headed Quadrise Plc (Quadrise), a supplier of innovative energy solutions for a cleaner planet, has announced that it has signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement (CFA) with the Netherlands-headed renewable biofuel technology specialists, BTG Bioliquids BV (BTL). The CFA extends the scope of Quadrise's existing agreement with BTL.

Following the signature of a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with BTL in June 2023, Quadrise has worked with BTL to incorporate BTL’s sustainable Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oil (FPBO) products into a bio-Multiphase Superfine Atomic Residue (bioMSAR) fuel.

Stable emulsions incorporating up to 20 percent BTL FPBO sugars have been produced at the Quadrise Research Facility, with Cummins diesel engine testing on these emulsions at Aquafuel now planned for Q3 2024.

Expand existing JDA scope

As a result of this progress, the parties have now agreed on a Cooperation Framework Agreement (CFA).

The CFA expands the scope of the JDA to incorporate the parties’ intention to undertake additional diesel engine testing with BTL FPBO emulsions on engines larger than the currently planned Q3 2024 Cummins test leading, ultimately on success, to a marine vessel for final testing ahead of potential commercial-scale bioMSAR supply.

Assuming the planned Cummins engine tests in Q3 2024 are positive, under the CFA the parties intend to complete independent testing on a larger diesel engine during the period Q4 2024 to Q1 2025, as well as associated third-party testing for marine fuel characterization and compliance.

This new agreement is a result of the substantial progress Quadrise and BTL have made with their respective technologies and provides a clear plan to incorporate BTL’s sustainable pyrolysis sugars into bioMSAR. This agreement also expands our future options for bioMSAR Zero testing and production, said Jason Miles, CEO of Quadrise.

Plans for a possible pilot plant

Quadrise and BTL will then prepare for larger-scale production of bioMSAR incorporating FPBO sugars for marine vessel tests in 2026.

To ensure the supply of FPBO sugars for future commercial-scale bioMSAR marine tests, BTL is planning the construction of a pilot plant in Dordrecht, the Netherlands.

We are pleased to have reached this new agreement with Quadrise. This is an exciting next step, moving us towards large engine testing and production of bioMSAR using renewable pyrolytic sugars produced from BTL’s licensed process and fractionation technology, said Gerhard Muggen, Managing Director of BTG Bioliquids.

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