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Gasum and NLF partner to promote RNG as truck fuel

Gasum and NLF partner to promote RNG as truck fuel
Filling up a heavy-duty vehicle on bioLNG (photo courtesy Gasum).

Finland-headed energy company Gasum Oy has announced that it and the Norwegian Truck Owners Association (Norges Lastebileier-Forbund - NLF) have entered into a cooperation agreement to highlight biogas as one of several green energy solutions for the green transition. This will be done through the promotion of biomethane aka renewable natural gas (RNG) and its benefits to replace fossil diesel.

According to a statement, Gasum and NLF have officially entered into a strategic cooperation agreement to advance the role of biomethane in Norway’s green energy landscape.

Effective January 1, 2024, the collaboration seeks to position biomethane as a prominent solution in the ongoing green transition, replacing fossil diesel in transportation.

The collaboration involves advocating for improved biomethane framework conditions in Norway, engaging with truck suppliers, and participating in events to promote biomethane as a green solution.

Under this cooperation agreement, NLF and Gasum aim to highlight biogas as one of several green energy solutions in the green transition. This will happen by promoting biogas and its benefits to replace fossil fuel, said Kjell Olafsrud, Marketing Director at NLF.

Local NLF members and associated companies can also enhance their biogas understanding by inviting Gasum to meetings in which Gasum will actively share insights on biomethane as a sustainable transport fuel.

Biomethane is the optimal choice for heavy-duty transport, providing a competitive and proven technology that helps logistics companies reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Compressed biomethane (bioCNG) is quick to refuel, making it excellent for local distribution and logistics. Liquefied biomethane (bioLNG) on the other hand, offers a high range between refuelings. As of today in Norway, approximately 2,600 trucks use biomethane on the roads, with 600 trucks running on liquefied biomethane, said Jogeir Munkeby, Sales Manager, Traffic Norway, Gasum.

Gasum continues refueling network expansion

Gasum is improving the availability of biomethane by expanding its gas refueling station infrastructure.

In addition to the filling station network, Gasum has introduced its first “mobile” bioLNG rig at the Yggeset recycling station in Asker.

The Yggset station is strategically placed due to its association with major biogas fleet owner Gunnar Knudsen, with several biomethane-powered trucks stationed in the newly opened station. Cooperation with NLF makes the expansion even more significant, said Jogeir Munkeby.

Operational since November 2023, this station allows Gasum to efficiently provide biomethane where needed and represents the first step in Gasum’s plan to build several similar filling stations.

The new filling station is a significant improvement for operators of biomethane-powered trucks. It is accessible and easily operated. Moreover, biomethane has a positive impact on everyday life, contributing to cleaner air and the broader green shift in the industry, said truck driver Rune Amundsen from Gunnar Knutsen logistics company.

Gasum aims to expand its infrastructure with new filling stations planned for Skui in Bærum by the summer of 2024 and in Sandnes, near Stavanger, by late 2024. Further developments will be announced later, improving biogas accessibility for the wider public.

Through this partnership and expanding infrastructure, Gasum, and NLF aim to play a pivotal role in promoting biogas as a cleaner and sustainable energy solution for the transportation sector.

Gasum’s strategic goal is to bring 7 TWh of renewable biogas annually to the Nordic market by 2027.

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